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Client Testimonials

She is humble and is humble to spirit

Camélia did a psychic party for my family through Skype. There were 6 of us and each person had an incredible experience. She is so accurate. Already something she told me (three weeks ago) has come to pass. She knew the names of people that my family members were connected to and knew situations that they were involved in! I highly recommend Camélia.

- Kathryn Hill

Her psychic insight into my issues was incredible

I have had three sessions so far with Camélia Kessaci in the past few weeks, and I am really impressed with her. She helped me remove some blocks from my life that were holding me back, and I am now moving forward and having much more success in those areas. I had her do an energy cleansing for me and that helped tremendously. I feel more at peace, more positive, and am meditating more. I plan to have more sessions with her in the future.

- Jenni Sinclair

Camélia has a real gift

Right out of the gate, Camélia knew why I was there and was spot on with her assessment. She immediately made me feel better and I felt like a huge weight was lifted in that very first session. Several sessions later, Camélia “gets me” and we are working on a plan that has already showing early signs of major life changes. Camélia has a real gift and I’m looking forward to what the future will bring.

- Tim Bates

She is very gifted

Camélia is a very gifted, insightful, and caring intuitive. She gave me an excellent reading that was very accurate, insightful, helpful, and healing. Camélia is real angel in a harsh world!

- Isa Annabelle Kelch


Camélia has such a warm and loving personality. Right from the beginning of my session I had no problem to open my heart to her and tears came down my cheeks during the first part of her cleaning my heart, throat and third eye chakras. Since I came back from Germany (had to put my 94 year old father into an Assitant Living Place and on top of it my older brother died) I was in a real Funk so to speak. After Camélia removed all that dark energy; I found my happiness and light spirit again!

- Joachim Hill

My session with Camélia was very productive and insightful

We explored a number of topics - Camélia was very easy to talk to and I appreciated her sensitivity on all levels. Her talent in this area is obvious and I would highly recommend her to anyone interested in receiving spiritual counseling!

- Sherry Soares

Wonderful Session

Camélia did an excellent job when she gave me a reading. I got confirmation and she answered questions that gave me insight to my business as well as my personal life. She was very personable and you trusted her completely. Everyone will benefit from her readings.

- Jeanne Greening

Camélia is the genuine article

Pure and simple, Camélia is the genuine article. A blind man could see it. Like a good investment, Camélia is an undervalued asset that delivers dividends. The woman has real talent and isn't hesitant to give you a straight answer. She doesn't pander to drama nor emotional nonsense. Her style and sense of humor allow you to understand what she sees. You can't pull the wool over her eyes and she certainly would never try to do the same to you. Camélia is trustworthy and honest. These qualities are extremely rare within the world of intuitives. When you take the time to place your heart, trust and cash in her hands you're going to receive far more than you expected. Straight up . . . she will genuinely help you. She has a real gift within her heart and spirit. You'll be glad you met her.

- D.R.

The session shifted my orientation

My session with Camélia helped me get in touch with who I truly am in a powerful way, and helped me let go of the nonsense that says "I can't" and "I'm not..." It shifted my orientation from one of holding back, hesitation and doubt to confidently manifesting my dreams.

- Shawna Guheen

She brought clarity to confusion

I was looking for someone I could trust, that really was able to "see" more than I could see. She offered "1" question for $15.00. I thought this would give me an inexpensive introduction to her ability. I was not disappointed. I'm sorry that she no longer offers this possibility, because it helped me to know that I can believe what she says. I feel that she really did pick up from each person involved, what was going on and why. She brought clarity to confusion.

- Ellie Vaughter

My session with Camélia was incredible!

A friend of mine had done a session with her and loved it, so I had high expectations. I sent Camélia a recent photo of myself prior to the session. I had no idea how powerful it was going to be. It was amazing. Things she said not only made sense but were just so on point. Some connections I was able to make during our session were truly enlightening. I will definitely have another session soon. So good!

- Philipp Karner

Extraordinarily impressed!

I truly enjoyed my experience with Camélia at Intuitive Consulting. She has a special gift that can help anyone to see their current and future situation more clearly. I highly recommend utilizing Intuitive Consulting.

- Joe Fox

Thank you for everything!

Camélia is a hidden gem! She is absolutely spot on with the situations I have called her about. She is able to tap into the people I called about without me saying or giving her much info at all. Camélia will never tell you something you just want to hear. She does not sugar coat anything she gets from her guides and yours. Mostly all she has told me has come to pass! All I know is that I am a client for life!

- Fatima Aljishi

Camélia is an amazingly accurate reader!

Her unique methods in giving readings have provided me with some of the most accurate and insightful sessions I've ever had with a reading. She's forthright and genuine yet still manages to stay positive during the reading. Camélia's gift is to keep the reading positive even when dealing with serious issues which has been a huge benefit to me. Her approach to psychic counseling is one of the best I've experienced.

- Araceli Massimo

Camélia is amazing, right-on and accurate!

The best part is I feel a connection with her and comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings with her. She is warm and compassionate, while still remaining objective, and not letting me get away with not holding myself accountable for my own role in achieving personal growth, spirtitual enlightenment, light, and joy in my life. Her light, beauty and love comes across in every reading and I think of her as a dear friend and trusted confidant.

- Stephen Settle

Camélia has a gift

One of the best psychic readings I have ever received. Very insightful, humble and dead-on. She knew things that I have told no one but my journal. Her reading was very healing and answered questions that I have been pondering for years. Absolutely amazing. I highly recommend her.

- Krysta Hill

I'm very appreciative of her guidance!

Camélia truly helped me to clear up some ongoing confusion I was having in my love life. She gave me clarity and helped me to move forward with a major life decision. She also helped me to clarify my career goals by connecting me to a life purpose and gift. I always knew I had the gift but, thanks to Camélia, I'm inspired to use it in my work. I'm very appreciative of her guidance!

- Margaret McCants


This session changed my life. She is truly talented and I am in awe. Please do yourself a favor and book a session.

- Y.S.

Amazing Experience!

I did not know what to expect initially but was amazed at how accurate and essential the information was. Camélia is very gifted and gave me not only confirmation about occurrences in my life now but perspective and guidance on how to manage them. I will be having a session with her again and I highly recommend her.

- Jessica

She Has a Gift

I'm not one to write reviews unless I really think something is exceptional, and my standards are high. Camélia truly has a gift of intuition and connectivity. Her honesty and professionalism set her apart from others. Her sessions cannot be described in a few mere words, it is an experience you wouldn't be able to truly understand until you experience it for yourself.

- Alicia S


I couldn't believe the experience at first, how amazing it was that so much of what was being said was so spot-on. Camélia gave me critical guidance on all aspects of my life. She helped me restore the perspective I always needed to have and gave me practical advice on how to deal with current challenges. I couldn't be happier to have done that session. I strongly encourage you to book one for yourself and see what it brings about for you.

- Prayash T

Open and Comfortable Environment

Before going into my session I had no idea what to expect. I was extremely shocked to see how insightful and knowledgeable Camélia was about my own life and surroundings. By giving the session about a week to soak in, I realized how helpful her insight truly is. I recommend the services of Camélia to anyone who wants to improve their life emotionally, socially, or spiritually.

- S.A.

A Wonderful Reading

I just had my first intuitive consulting session with Camélia and it was amazing. She hit the nail right on the head seeing things in me that even those closest to me might never pick up on. I felt enlightened by her reading of me, and have a renewed sense of positivity about my future.

- G.S.

You are a blessing every time I call

You are truly amazing every time I talk to you. I know sometimes the truth hurts but I truly believe in you and every word you say.

- Elizabeth Smith

Fascinating and Insightful

I am skeptical about the supernatural, but I do believe some people have powerful intuition and Camélia is one of those people. She certainly has a gift for connecting in a meaningful way and a session with her will reveal aspects of your life that you might not normally consider. I really enjoyed my time Skyping with her and I think you will too!

- James M

She is such an insightful amazing intuitive!

I trust her and her advice. I can't wait to speak to her again!

- Yvonne (Eva) Pos

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