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Inward-Outward Alignment

Contrary to what it may seem like, our body has many different dimensions to it. And it's deeper than what most of us can see. As an intuitive, in addition to seeing the physical dimension of a body, I can see and feel the energetic and emotional dimensions of it. And I am also able to tap into the mental and the spiritual dimensions.

In my practice, I like to focus on the alignment of all the dimensions of the body: mental, physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

I have discovered a method that works for me and my clients. An I call it the Inward-Outward Alignment. This method is based on the fact that everything in the Universe has an inward and an outward movement. A good example would be your breath. Have you ever noticed this moment between breathing in and breathing out? Another example is your heartbeat. Did you ever pay attention to the moment where it switches from silence to noise? We rarely pay a close attention to that moment where the shift happens from inward to outward. And the simple reason is that it happens without us thinking about it.

So, you may already know that you are not fully in control of your heartbeat or your breath :). It is taken care of so perfectly by mother nature that you don't have to think about doing it. However, there are certain things that you do have to take care of and be conscious of in this cyclic movement we call life. For instance, your mind needs moments of being internally focused and moments of being externally driven. And when the balance between those two opposite vectors is altered, signs of dysfunctionality in our system start to manifest.

Examples of signs of dysfunctionality: feeling stuck, feeling of fogginess and stress. Experiencing a lack of motivation, weakness, fatigue, discomfort, or emotional overwhelm. Not being able to move forward and create in a healthy way, or just not being able to feel good enough to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

All that usually goes back to not being aligned with your core. And that starts first by losing the balance between the inward and the outward movements somewhere in one or more of your body's different dimensions.

How does an Inward-Outward Alignment session go?

I begin this session by guiding you into a deep meditation, to ground you and help you find balance first. During this process, I walk you through conscious breathing and a tune-up to be aware of all the different dimensions of your being. While I watch your energetic state I get to tap into the areas where you have emotional blockages. I then walk you step by step into allowing yourself to feel your inner being (spiritual being) and bring the power from that place into your emotional, mental, and energetic body. While we are doing that, the focus is on freeing you from whatever is not allowing you to fully be your deeper self and fulfill your highest potential.

If this session is done in person, body movement and stretching can be included. I can also conduct the session in nature for an enhanced and more healing experience. Depending on the length of the session, I like helping each client to tune into their body intuitively before the end of our meeting. Doing so helps you learn what types of foods and activities are good for your body's signature. Connect and listen to your needs and learn how to tend to them on a daily basis even after the session. I will also give you custom tools to use on your own to keep a balanced lifestyle.

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Sessions can take place via video call using Skype, FaceTime or other alternatives. I can conduct the session in English, French or Arabic. Longer sessions provide time for a deeper connection, allowing me to cover more issues of my client's concern.

Inward-Outward Alignment Package

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Inward-Outward Alignement packages are tailored to each client's unique needs. See your order confirmation email for instructions on how to book your sessions.

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