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Intuitive Consulting

With a photo provided by my client beforehand, I tailor each session to my client's specific needs. This service can include dream interpretation, past life reading, animal communication and tailored homework assignments to help my clients practice a daily healthy routine that suits their individual purpose.

30 min / $95
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60 min / $180
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90 min / $255
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Sessions can take place via video call using Skype, FaceTime or other alternatives. I can conduct the session in English, French or Arabic. Longer sessions provide time for a deeper connection, allowing me to cover more questions of my client's concern.

Intuitive Coaching Package

Ready to change your life? Save $180 with the Intuitive Coaching Package: 6 one-hour sessions for the price of 5!

6 sessions / $900
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Intuitive coaching sessions are tailored to each client's unique needs. See your order confirmation email for instructions on how to schedule your sessions.

Read my Approach to learn more about intuitive consulting.

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