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When a client sends me a photo for the first time, I begin by connecting to their overall energy, looking into their eyes, listening and paying attention to all the things I sense, feel, hear, or see. During the connection, I usually take notes on all sorts of messages related to the client before I meet them in person or online.

When you come to the session, I don't need to know anything about you. I tune into your energetic and spiritual body that communicate naturally beyond words. The more data I have about you, the less you benefit from the first intuitive connection. It helps to come to the session with an open mind and a clear intention.

I start the session with a very short meditation to open up for the consultation. Since there is no generic way of conducting an intuitive connection, I let it flow and trust that each session is going to fit my client's specific needs for that exact moment.

Every consultation is different, and the purpose of this session is to ultimately guide you to either know, change or confirm your direction. This session is not meant for you to trust in something external but rather to help you tune back into your own truth. Every individual has their own intuition, and the more they trust in it the more it helps them. Also, spending time around someone that trusts their intuition increases your own! I love encouraging my clients to explore that side of them. After all, if I can do it, why couldn't you?

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Sessions can take place via video call using Skype, FaceTime or other alternatives. I can conduct the session in English, French or Arabic. Longer sessions provide time for a deeper connection, allowing me to cover more questions of my client's concern.

After the first intuitive connection, the coaching work can begin if it's needed. And there you can actually ask more questions and share your specific goals about what you want to work on and change in your life.

Intuitive Coaching Package

Intuitive coaching sessions are tailored to each client's unique needs. These sessions will help you change your perspective on life in general and how to overcome your daily obstacles. The main focus in Intuitive Coaching is how to achieve external success while keeping an internal balance. Action is good, but it is better when it's done from a state of peace and awareness. True success can only come from that balanced state. My role is to help you find that peace and joy within you before you take major actions in what matters in your life.

Ready to change your perspective and meet a deeper, more peaceful, joyful and powerful you? Save $180 with the Intuitive Coaching Package: 6 one-hour sessions for the price of 5!

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