Camélia Kessaci

Intuitive Coach



What do you do?

As an intuitive, I have the ability to connect empathically to all conscious beings by silencing my mind. I serve as a conduit to receive messages from a deeper level of being. In addition to that, I coach and teach my clients how to tap into their own intuition to live a better life.

Do you use any tools?

During my exploration with receiving messages over the years, I have explored both using tools and not using tools. I found out that for first time encounters, the meeting is usually so intense with sensations, images, sounds and the experience so powerful that I could conduct the session without using any tools. For return clients however, I found that using crystals helps me fine tune and focus on the direction I am going through. In sum, the use of tools is not necessary at all, but it helps sometimes to be more straightforward in answering questions quickly. I also love natural light and candles! Symbolically it is for me a way to remind ourselves that our meeting is for the highest good and based on growing the light.

Can you predict the future?

My work as an intuitive focuses on the experience of the moment that requires our full attention. If you are interested in going deeper into who you really are, then you lose focus on the ghost of a past or the expectation of a future. Needing to predict the future is simply a misunderstanding of what being in tune with life is. When you are in tune with life there is no past, present or future. There is only the moment of experience. A moment of full awareness that carries the past, present and future in it, but is none of the three. It is as though you leave a horizontal world to suddenly find yourself in a vertical one. During our connection in a session, we meet in that vertical dimension as much as you can allow it. My approach is to help you dive into all that you are and bring back whatever potential you can focus your energy on to reunite with the fullness that you are. During this process, if any thought, image or feeling of a potential future comes, it's great! If it doesn't it's not something we need to give too much attention to, not because we shouldn't but simply because it is less important than the truth of the moment. When you tap into your truth, you don't need any prediction, you see through life clearly and you create from that vantage point.

What should I expect from a session?

An Intuitive Consultation is fun! I love meeting with all types of people, and I can conduct a session in English, French or Arabic. I often laugh a lot with my clients as we unfold the complexities of life and see things in a simpler way. Sometimes my clients experience a sensation of déjà vu as we work together. This phenomenon happens when the person is reminded of something their deeper self is already aware of. Time may seem to pass faster as well. This is normal too - after all, we are connecting to a dimension where time doesn't have the same importance that it usually does in our modern world.

- Camélia

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